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6 Reasons Why Frank Lampard Must Be Sacked as Chelsea’s Manager

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However much as we can argue that this is Lampard’s second season as a boss, and his first at Chelsea, after 35 games in the Premier League and a number of others in the respective Champions League, FA Cup and Capital One Cup, we ‘re fair to say that Lampard isn’t the right man to take Chelsea forward.

Below are 7 reasons why he should be fired before next season begins.

  1. Lampard is too inexperienced to lead a side like Chelsea which is inexperienced. It’s just a case of a blind leading a blind guy, they ‘re going to keep perambulating in one space and think they ‘re advancing. All Chelsea wants is a coach who has long been in the game? Who knows how to tweak the formation to suit the tactics of any rivals, someone like Pochettino, the former Tottenham boss.
  2. In his few months as manager of Chelsea, Lampard has shown that he is someone who gets lost when going gets rough. He doesn’t know how to make key substitutions, and when. Once he takes up big jobs he wants to go back and learn more about coaching.
  3. Lampard’s too gentle for a team like Chelsea to play. Remember when Andre Villa Boas, under players including Terry, Lampard, Drogba, Luiz, and the likes, was signed as Chelsea boss. Why does he handle these kinds of players? After a run of poor form, it was later shown the exit door. The same is happening today, in the midst of Rudiger, Jorginho, Giroud and the likes, Lampard is just another Andre Villa-Boas.
  4. Favoritism is in Lampard ‘s blood, and he never can make a better coach until he wants to get rid of it. There were occasions when Terry and Lampard were the only English players in the Blues line up in the Premier League and when they left there was none in the first team. Perhaps he’s forgotten he’s a coach for Chelsea and not the boss for England. He has to be replaced as soon as possible before turning the team into a Team B in England.
  5. Lampard is not sure how to beat a deep-sitting squad. He has no idea of how to manipulate the defense of the enemy. For Chelsea, he is too incompetent as a coach.
  6. Frank Lampard is not capable of attracting world-class stars, he is a rookie coach who has yet to win his first medal. Despite Lampard still at the helm, no world-class star will come and sign for Chelsea, what he’ll draw is average players who are still trying to find their feet.
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