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Ghana’s Veteran Actor ‘Waakye’ Dead

Veteran actor, Prince Yawson 'Waakye' has reportedly died.

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Veteran actor, Prince Yawson ‘Waakye’ has reportedly died.

He is said to have died at the 37 Military Hospital earlier today, after battling an illness.

Mr Yawson was 52 years of age.

This sad event has been confirmed by another veteran actor, Bob Smith Jnr (Diaboloman) who was inconsolable.

The actor, popularly known as ‘Waakye’, has featured in many prominent movies in the Ghanaian space.

In October 2020, the actor confirmed rumors of his illness but added that God has healed him.

prince yawson 'waakye'
Pictures of him wearing a graduation robe and beaming with smiles went viral.

This followed assertions that he had been hit by a mild stroke some years ago.

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But Waakye seemed to have recovered and found his purpose as an ordained Reverend Minister in April 2021.

He attended a Bible school in Accra for his new religious role after he officially bowed out of the movie industry.

News of his death has shocked many Ghanaians who have taken to social media to express their condolences.

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