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The herb that can draw your lover close to you and also bath it for money and favour.

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The herb that can draw your lover close to you and also bath it for money and favour.


Hello,good evening to everyone. The spiritual and physical uses of kalanchoe pinnata(taameawu)

Here are the spiritual side of taameawu, one major thing it can do spiritually is when someone is owning you and don’t want to pay, first go to his or her house and demand for your money, but when he or she insist that she or he won’t pay,then come home and sleep. Early in the morning work up without talking to anyone, plug one leaf and show it to fire and squeeze it to your eyes and go there again, when he or she sees you he will give you your money. But when she or he did not give you money mean there is none.

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When your wife don’t respect you at home,this is a spiritual remedy for the boys.Woke up early in the morning and plug some leaf show it to fire and give it to your wife to squeeze it to your eyes.When she finish doing so before she leaves say this in your mind, “anytime you see corpse start crying”believe me anytime she does bad thing and you shout at her she will go inside and cry all day long. For footballers put some of this leaf on your socks and wear your shoe.When you play a ball the keeper will sees it three three when he catches the middle one he has catch the real ball.

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And also let me talk about the physical side a little.When you have ear problem,plug some and show it to fire and squeeze into your ears do it three days three days.When you blend and drink it cure liver problem and also kidney stones.Also chew at least 3 leaves in the morning for spiritual protection, even when you chew it day by day, and one maybe you sin against someone and the person curses you it won’t work.

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