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YOU NEED TO SEE THIS: Ghana Slay Queens Organizes ‘Sex’ Party In the Pool – WATCH FULL VIDEO

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Life, regardless of the crisis many people are currently facing in this COVID-19 era particularly in Ghana, seems to be going very well for some people in the country to host lavish parties, talk about a sex pool party.

A new phenomenon video catching a number of slay queens working their riches and getting surfaced on the internet with various sensual activities.

The video that was sighted on the twitter page of Zacknation showed beautiful half-naked ladies who, in the presence of people, were dancing and displaying reckless conduct with their riches shamelessly in a pool.

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The boys even splashed dollars on them as the pretty women were having sexual encounters in the tub.

Obviously, the party took place at a coded location and it is unclear if they were fully aware of being filmed and whether the one who documented it was going to leak it somehow.

Perhaps they were so at the party and enjoying themselves that they didn’t mind recording in the act.

This scandalous act may be called group style Sodom and Gomorrah. This is nuts.

Watch Video Below:

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